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Offer of truck-mounted forklifts

Discover our range of truck-mounted forklifts. Because with a truck-mounted forklift you get more out of your business. Buy or rent, you can do both!

Discover our range of truck-mounted forklifts

Buy truck-mounted forklift

Buying a truck-mounted forklift? Then you've come to the right place.
We are happy to give you advice, so you are sure to choose the right truck-mounted forklift that best suits what you need.
View our selection of truck-mounted forklifts to buy.

Rent truck-mounted forklift

Rent a truck-mounted forklift?
This is perfectly possible for when you need a truck-mounted forklift for one job.
Or your truck-mounted forklift needs servicing and you can't really do without it.
View our selection of truck-mounted forklifts for rent.

Rent a trailer

Sometimes you have an urgent need for an additional trailer. We have made sure that you can easily rent one from us.
Both a 13.6m trailer and a city trailer with the custom hitch for truck-mounted forklift.

Types of truck-mounted forklift

Discover the unmatched performance of TMT and TMM truck-mounted forklifts.
With this truck-mounted forklift on board, you can provide an extra service, right down to the last meter of delivery.
Tight spaces, long loads, construction sites - all easily reached with TMM and TMT forklifts.
You easily place them on the back of your carriers and trailers.
3D-Lift-13-07-2022 (700 x 500 px)

We help you. Call us!

For everything related to your truck-mounted forklift, you can come to us.

Towing service, pickup, maintenance, on-site repair, replacement machines, rentals, and more.

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