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Offer of truck-mounted forklifts

Discover our range of truck-mounted forklifts. Because with a truck-mounted forklift you get more out of your business. Buy or rent, you can do both!

Discover our range of truck-mounted forklifts

Buy truck-mounted forklift

Buying a truck-mounted forklift? Then you've come to the right place.
We are happy to give you advice, so you are sure to choose the right truck-mounted forklift that best suits what you need.
View our selection of truck-mounted forklifts to buy.

Rent truck-mounted forklift

Rent a truck-mounted forklift?
This is perfectly possible for when you need a truck-mounted forklift for one job.
Or your truck-mounted forklift needs servicing and you can't really do without it.
View our selection of truck-mounted forklifts for rent.

Rent a trailer

Sometimes you have an urgent need for an additional trailer. We have made sure that you can easily rent one from us.
Both a 13.6m trailer and a city trailer with the custom hitch for truck-mounted forklift.

Types of truck-mounted forklift

Discover the unmatched performance of TMT and TMM truck-mounted forklifts.
With this truck-mounted forklift on board, you can provide an extra service, right down to the last meter of delivery.
Tight spaces, long loads, construction sites - all easily reached with TMM and TMT forklifts.
You easily place them on the back of your carriers and trailers.

We help you. Call us!

For everything related to your truck-mounted forklift, you can come to us.

Towing service, pickup, maintenance, on-site repair, replacement machines, rentals, and more.

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